September 2005
Previous pictures of Ella
Mermaids, a drawing with stickers by Ella

Swimming, by Ella

"I can swim! I climb on to the rope or the bar and push off, if I'm swimming on my front, and kick my legs, put my face in the water and blow bubbles, and move my arms. And when I'm on my back I push my tummy up and chin down and keep my knees in the water. I've got goggles, and I open my eyes when they are in the water. Anna gave them to me and they're pink and really nice and make me feel like I'm a little mermaid at the bottom of the ocean. My swimming teacher is Gulcin. She has a pink iPod just the same as mine, she told me last time, and her favourite colour is pink as well. And she has waterproof frisbees and an underwater frisbee. That's a picture that I got the idea of from a mermaidy book. One of the mermaids is swimming to the castle, one of the mermaids is sitting on a carriage because she is the princess, one of the mermaids is reading a book, one of them's swimming, and one of them's on a whale having a shower!"

Ella and Georgia at the Laban Centre

It was back to school for Ella this month, after a final holiday weekend spent fruit-picking, and exploring a maize maze, with Andrew and Nicholas. At the weekends Ella has been seeing a lot of her friend Georgia, who came over for two sleepovers (with midnight feasts). Ella and Georgia started a new dance class at the stunning Laban Centre. Another highlight this month was the reopening of the local cinema, which is showing a series of Studio Ghibli films. Ella has already been to see Castle in the Sky, and her favourite, Kiki's Delivery Service (which she and Georgia watched in their witch costumes). Ella has also been wearing her witch costume while being a "nature detective" in the garden, and while playing Nintendo with Georgia. She has finally learned to blow her nose, and we have all been playing a lot of Animal Crossing. But best of all, Ella has finally started to swim properly, thanks to her inspirational swimming teacher, Gulcin. Finally, this month Ella attended the funeral of her great-grandmother, Henrietta.

Ella picking fruit with Andrew and Nicholas Ella, Andrew and Nicholas at the Maize Maze
Ella, portrait at twilight. Yes, Daddy has a new camera. Ella and Georgia being witches
Ella being a nature-detective witch Ella and Georgia being Nintendo witches
Ella snuggling on the sofa